"There is strength in a good defence and the bonds we make between one another."

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Lords of Molluscs, Family and Nervousness/Uncertainty. Both companion Gods and also one in the same they tend to act as a neutral party, more concerned about stability than feuds through a humble approach. This often leads to people seeking their advice however Achatina has a high fondness for his own kin and will go to great lengths in their defence.

Achatina Edit


First born to the Godess Cynzia and God Naritas he took to the void uncomfortable with the quarrels of fellow gods. Lost and alone he traveled for the aeon that it takes a single grain to fall in the sands of time. As he wandered so too did his thoughts sending him gradually insane. Not long before the world's inception he had a vision, worried that he was not fit to command a land in this state he created the mighty Gastron weaving his own insanity into a hard spiral shell.

Comforted in the fact that his sanity had returned and he was no longer alone Achatina was able to find peace with his family and return to the pantheon once more.

Family Edit

Mother - Cynzia

Father - Naritas

Brother - Elysia

Sister - Risala Uzazi

Notable Creations Edit

  • Lophotrochian Forest
  • Gambodan Rainforest
  • Giant Snails
  • Glowing Snails
  • Wolves
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