Cyddiorwg, or Mistress of Shadows, is the goddess of daggers, shadows and ambivalence. She is one of the youngest of the gods of Candentia.

She is the daughter of the Pirate God: Cathar, and Rabbit Goddess: Risala Uzazi.

Personality Edit

Cyddiorwg is an adolescent goddess, who throughout her childhood always acted as a good and responsible child. Cyddiorwg always cared for others and made creations that did the same, benefiting everyone. This though did not seem to work in her favour and eventually she gave up on these goals. Instead she turned to dark, edgy material. Creations that benefit her and her only, and work to undermine everyone else.

Cyddio has long held a deep resentment for much of her family, especially her dad, who she never forgave for giving her such a long and difficult to pronnounce name and being so distant throughout her childhood.

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