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Ice Dragons Edit

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Crystal Dragons Edit

Behold the splendour of the crystal dragons.

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Residing within the planes of the Charoite crystal valley, these dragons value all crystals that grow there. They are protective of the valley and will vigorously defend it. Male and female dragons differ in appearance, however both genders are equally furious. They feast on Drogon bloodstones, which are found throughout this vast valley. In contrast they aren’t without serenity, which can be appealed to with the right persuasion.

Insectoid Dragons Edit

Insectoid Dragon

Considered a holy beast by The Hasharans, the Insectoid Dragons are mostly-peaceful herbivores, which feed mainly on cacti but can also feed on tumbleweed and desert trees. Their main form of self-defence is their droning roar, which can induce hallucinations and burst the ear drums of anyone foolish enough to trespass in their brood-lairs.

Mnyama Dragons Edit


The Mnyama Dragons are a sub-species of Dragon. They have feathered wings and furry bodies, large paws with talons, and long horns on their heads. Their fur ranges from a light grey to a dark brown. The survive in grasslands, savannas and deserts. Mnyama dragons are carnivores, and usually hunt Nyati and Pundas, but have been known to also hunt Tembos and Kuruka.

The Mnyama Dragons are very rare, and very few civilisations have seen them in person. They are most commonly heard of through folk lore.

Amadlozi Edit

Ethereal and noble, the Amadlozi or more commonly known as the Spirit Dragon are on of the countless sub-breeds of dragons. Their form consists of a long, slender body with a horned snake head, their limbs are skinny but covered in jaggeder scales and they have a set of large feathered wings. Spirit Dragons do not need to eat, drink, sleep or even breath as they are technically the spirits of dead dragons who choose to bind themselves to this plane in the attempt to protect it. They can be commonly seen in and around areas with one of the four world totems, flying in the skies above them. If anyone see an Amadlozi away from the totem then they best start praying, as the only reason for them to travel away from them is to deal with dark Spirits and evil doers who are attempting to corrupt and harm the world.

Amadlozi are regarded by Shamans as they have the abilities of all four elements and can use all the shamanistic powers to their full effects, to Shamans they are the greatest off all Spirits.

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