"Earn beauty through Strength."

Eldest Daughter of Naritas and Cynzia, Elysia grew up strong and independent with her farther's wisdom and her mother's calm confidence. She admired the finer things creating unparalleled art truely worth of the divine. She has taken no lovers sired no children unlike her younger sister Risala. A mutual respect lays between Elysia and the other gods if love is there too it is not shown and buried deep.

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It is important that she sees the strengths other gods have as well as her own shortcomings or she would never have allowed their work on Candentia to be done as equals. Everyone has their rightful place even gods.

With a strong sense of right and wrong she will fight for what she thinks she deserves and respect those that do the same. Though she struggles with a niggling ruthless or even sadistic streak in her personality that can't always be contained.

a little suffering is good for the soul it makes you fight back harder.

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