The mahryn, are a sentient race found in the north of the known world. They are average to short, muscular, fast and stealthy reptilian creatures found on the island of Ruania in the north west of Cotibus. They evolved from a walking lizard called Credulactus, around 500,000 years before present. Their evolution and growth as a civilisation has been guided by the shadow goddess: Cyddiorwg.

The Mahryn are known for their stealthyness and dislike of powerful government. This is born from their natural ability to stealth and camouflage with their skin colour. This can change at will to hide and subconciously with emotion. There are three sub-races of Mahryn. The extremely sneaky and sly, Llanwen who dwell in the high mountain caves and plot against the other races. Then the warrior like Shezuin who live in walled cities in the western and northern deserts. Finally, the more peacefu, scientific and bureaucratic Caerwen who live in the cities of the south east.

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