Dawn god

"Knowledge is only one half. Faith is the other."

Naritas is the god of Staves, Reliance and Trust. He is the husband to Cynzia and fathered 3 children with her; Risala, Achatina and Elysia. He has many grandchildren due to his daughter Risala, these are; Cyddiorwg ,whose father is Cathar, and then Aadya and Kyrull fathered by Krallis.

Naritas has a very grandfatherly personality, and though he sometimes seems to act aloof and the voice of wisdom, deep down he just wants his children and grandchildren, along with the other gods working on Candentia, to look up to him like a grandfather, he regularly sends little notes under the doors of the god house inviting them for tea at various times, though not many of the gods visit more than once, he has a tendency to talk about anything and everything, keeping the gods from their own business, a 5 minute visit quickly turns into several hour long conversations about his stories and tales.

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